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Minibus Hire Chester-le-Street

Being one of the oldest market towns in County Durham, England adds a lot of mystique to Chester-le-Street. It is no wonder that it has been nominated as one of the Best UK Holiday County/Destination in the British Travel Awards 2014. One of its main draws is being one of the major cricket venues for domestic and international cricket events.

This historic town is one of the places where you can avail of the services of Minibus Hire Newcastle, a company that provides transport services to anyone who plans to visit Chester-le-Street and other areas in the region.

Now, visitors can visit Chester-le-Street and do not have to worry about being stranded or left with no way to go around town. The cricket season renders the whole town crowded, but with your own minibus and driver from Minibus Hire Chester Le Street, that is not going to be a problem.

Minibus Hire Chester Le Street can even pick you and your group up straight from the airport and bring you to Chester-le-Street. When your trip is over, we will also make sure you arrive at the airport in time for your return flight home.

Our well-maintained minibuses are designed to hold groups of people comfortably. They look good outside, and they feel even better inside, since the seats are soft and comfortable. They are also kept clean so you wouldn?t have to be concerned about hygiene issues. You also do not have to worry about the minibuses breaking down since we always make sure they are in top condition before sending them out.

We only let our highly skilled and competent drivers handle our minibuses. They have all the necessary training and certification to bring you around Chester-le-Street, acting as your tour guide in the process. Your safety is our primary concern, and our drivers are responsible and will always put your safety and convenience first.

Of course, we also offer customers the opportunity to make their way around town on their own. This is through our self drive minibus hire service. As long as you know how to drive, you have a valid license, and you prove to be a responsible driver, we won?t have any problems entrusting you with one of our minibuses.

Often, exceptionally large groups travel to Chester-le-Street. The usual process would include hiring several minibuses to accommodate everyone, but that can be quite costly. We offer a better and cheaper alternative: our coach hire services. Just like our minibuses, our coaches are also kept in the best condition and they can easily accommodate large groups of people.

We will let you experience the best of Chester-le-Street. From historical walks through the heritage trail to basking in the sun in Riverside Park, we will bring you to the places around Chester-le-Street that are worth checking out. Our drivers are locals, so they know the town like the back of their hand. They can even take you to various lesser-known places in Chester-le-Street that are not known by many, giving you an experience that you will never forget, long after you have already left this picturesque cricket town behind.
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